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About Us

At Redback Energy our aim is to democratise energy – giving power back to the people by putting you in charge of your own supply and use with effective solar panel and storage solutions.

We believe in living well with minimal impact on both the environment and our hip pockets. Utilising renewable energy means you can enjoy life’s comforts guilt free, without the worry of expensive energy bills.

Solar Energy?

Solar energy is now the most cost effective form of energy in the world both for households and businesses. Solar panels have been around for many years.

The introduction of storage (otherwise called batteries) to store energy for use 24/7 is relatively new but now makes technical and financial good sense.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where energy is abundant, generated and stored on-site.  Households and businesses directly benefit through using their aggregated energy to support the community.

We seek to accelerate the global transition to a clean, secure and efficient energy system.

Costs of storage units will continue to decrease, however the money you save by installing now would be greater than your savings if you wait.

We are providing solar panel and storage units to households and businesses across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We are also involved with progressive projects such as the Dunsborough Community Energy Project, the first Virtual Power Plant of its kind in the state.

Western Australia Based

As a WA start-up, our competitors are large corporations with deep marketing pockets.  We ask that if you are considering a solar and storage solution, you consider us.


Australian Designed

We are Australian designed from our technology development HQ at the University of Queensland and support our customers locally from our WA operations centre.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a tailored quote for you. 

Let us help you slash your energy bills, support local and save the planet. 

Our Lineage

Redback Energy (RBE) is a subsidiary of Redback Technologies (RBT).  RBT is a multiple award winning Australian organisation producing integrated distributed energy hardware and software solutions.  RBE builds upon the foundation provided by RBT through the creation of VPP solutions optimised for each regulatory jurisdiction.  Please see the video below for more information regarding RBT’s core hardware and software platform.